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At Roseland Farm we have the joy and blessing of sharing our lives with these adorable guys! 
All  of our family pets were either adopted from shelters or rescued from dire situations.
One thing is for certain, no matter how much work it takes, they make our life complete and we can't imagine our life without them!

Buddy was dropped off at a vet clinic to be euthanized for medical and financial reasons.  Today he thrives here at the farm, chasing all the "big dogs" and letting them know who is boss.

Flippy is our resident New Yorker!  We adopted him as a kitten almost  5 years ago while living in upstate New York.
He started to think he was a dog until recently. We brought home Llittle Jimi - a new wrestling partner.   

Little Jimi
was dropped off  with his littermate in a box on the steps of an area veterinary hospital.
He is almost a year old now and Flippy's best friend.
Poncho and Belle

Talk about love at first sight! These two are inseperable. Belle is a retired birthday party pony and Poncho was supposed to be a therapy horse for children with disabilities, when that didn't work out they no longer wanted him.
Fine with us, we think we got the best end of the deal.  

  is our resident senior and
keeping everyone in order is her job.
We adopted her from the Humane Society of Collier County in Naples, Florida almost 10 years ago.
She is easy as they come, quiet, calm and clever as a fox. Nothing gets past Momma dog.  



A Star in every way, simply perfect. She passed away last year after a bout with degenerative spinal myopathy.  We are thankful everyday to have had the joy of her in our life.
We got her at 8 yrs of age, when her previous owner died.  She was up for adoption for months but no one wanted an 'older dog". We didn't mind, so she joined our family and gave us 5 full years of love and devotion. 

Please consider adopting older dogs.  They are one of  life's treasures! 

Sugar Bear 

Our three silly rabbits - what personalities! Sugarbear was adopted from Metro Animal Control and  loves to cuddle. Oreo's owners got bored with her. Little did they know all they needed was some toys and tunnels!  Blackjack was kept in a barn and surrendered after biting a grandchild.  He came to us malnourished with a staph infection in his sinus and burnt whiskers. All is well now and he romps with the best of them. 12 lucky rabbit feet! What a deal! Lucky Me!

Rosie is our little character.
Last year she was deemed unadoptable  at a local facility.
Emmylou Harris and her dog rescue,
"Bonaparte's Retreat" stepped in and adopted her for our son.  Rosie loves to play with anyone who will participate - cats, dogs, even rabbits.
We adore her and boy, can she sing! (Emmy can too! )

We adopted Romo from Metro Animal Control. His kennel card said he was found wandering around Percy Priest Lake. We don't doubt that -  since joining us here at the farm he takes daily dips in our koi pond during the summer.
We have never seen such a happy, jolly and friendly soul -a  true gem!


Max - Devoted, easy-going, friendly and well adjusted. Max holds down the fort here. We rescued 
him  from an abusive home. Max's owner punched him in the head whenever he barked.  The owner was reported to authorities.  A kind-hearted neighbor pleaded  for him
to stop and let her find Max a new home and she found us. We brought him here to the farm and he stole our hearts.  He will aways have a loving home with us.

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